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It’s the third Monday in January. How close are you to meeting those business targets you set yourself for this period?

With no sign of returning to the office any time soon, children at home and a constant barrage of bad news, it’s easy to let low mood get in the way of achievement.

So it’s time to re-focus and identify the steps you need to take now to unlock your potential.

First, go back to those goals you set. Were they really clear or just a bit of a dream? Be specific in terms of what you/your business needs to do. If you can visualise what success looks like, write it down clearly (tip – if you can’t then how are your team members going to know what they need to do, or even buy in to your ideas??). It really helps if you can tie this into your values and the WHY you are in business in the first place.

How will your achievement be measured? Financially or in terms of productivity or with another indicator of business performance. What gets measured gets done – so having the right measures in place really motivates your to improve performance and achieve goals.

You may have heard of the SMART acronym. Goals need to be:

  • Specific

  • Measureable

  • Achievable

  • Realistic

  • Timebound

I usually find that if clients focus on being specific and having the right measures, the rest usually follows and success is achieved.

A business coach can help you, the business owner manager, to achieve your goals. By providing coaching for your key people, you show you value their development. By equipping your managers with coaching skills you build a culture of continuous improvement in your business.

You may have the very best people, you may offer the finest product or service but, if you don’t know the right steps, you may never make the giant leap that makes your business really fly.

That’s why you should speak to me about coaching individuals, or building a coaching culture across your entire company. Contact me today

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