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Stepping up.

Organisational Development.

'Changing the beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of an organisation so it can better adapt of new technology, markets, challenges and the dizzying rate of change itself' (Warren Bennis).

Organisation Development is about building a healthy and effective business with the right behaviours and capabilities in place to deliver your strategy. 

Learning is part of the process of people achieving their potential but this is not just training and development or problem solving.

It sets you up to adapt to future change and solve future problems, not just the one you engaged me to resolve.


Organisational Design.

Organisational Design lays out the steps to be taken to move from past to future, to improve business performance, profit, productivity and to reduce risk.

It covers the structures, processes, communication, decision making and reward systems which create an environment where people achieve the business aims and can be accountable without micromanagement.

For example, following the merger of two businesses you want to set up new ways of working which will stimulate innovation so the new company can respond to new market opportunities. 

Or, when cutting costs in response to external pressures you need all your employees to think creatively like entrepreneurs.

Good organisational design is the basis of a customer focused, agile and flexible business.


Organisational Behaviours and Culture.

This is a wide range of consultancy work looking at leadership, management practices, policies and procedures, individual skills and needs, motivation and the climate in each work unit.

I also explore the links and disconnects between each of these.  In my experience, this is where most business problems lie.  I address the broken links, and put everything into place to implement effective change.

I take a values-based approach aiming to build ethics and compassion into the organisation so that work becomes personally fulfilling and team members collaborate to deliver business success.


Business Coaching/Mentoring.

Ensuring leaders have the skills and aptitudes to hear the 'wake up calls' from inside and outside their organisations demanding that change must take place. 

I motivate leaders to build their expertise and personal resilience so they can implement what is best for their company. I listen out for points where the leaders' mental or physical wellbeing needs to be addressed and support them to take appropriate action. I check that the leaders learn from the change process they have experience and are ready for the next change.

I creatively apply questioning, coaching and mentoring tools and techniques according to the needs of the individual and the issue.

Considerable learning takes place and both the business and the individual gain from this process. 


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