Appraisals. Now? Seriously?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Yes! I believe there’s never been a better time for a high quality appraisal discussion.

During this enforced isolation, often involving the illness but hopefully not the loss of a precious person, we’ve had to think about what’s important and what we want going forward.

What are we fighting this pandemic for? Surely it’s not to go back to the same old work life that we had before?

It could be that a member of your team had a long commute, or working hours that were physically exhausting and took them away from your other interests, or they believed they had impossible targets or nasty colleagues. At the other end of the scale, maybe they felt work was completely mundane, meaningless and uninspiring even though they had a laugh with the team. Either way they don’t want to go back.

Inspirational leaders who take the time to ask their team members to carefully consider their performance over the last 6/12 months and then take even more time to review it with them together, will reap the benefit of a far more revealing dialogue than they would have had in an old-style 'form filling' appraisal.

This new way of thinking and working may now take a number of phone/video calls to achieve but some of us do have more time available now especially since Mon-Fri/9-5 working hours seem to be a thing of the past.

The analysis of training needs that falls out of these ‘deep and meaningful’ discussions will be based on an honest reflection on what needs to change and what new skills really need to be acquired to meet the challenges of the future. Leaders may also have time to deliver some direct training, mentor a colleague or view an online tutorial (which even furloughed staff can do). It’s more likely that you’ll also properly review the effectiveness of this training on your skills development – the steps towards both personal and professional growth - for both the appraiser and appraisee.

Many business owner managers are contemplating the effect of Covid-19 on their market opportunities and planning strategic changes to implement on return to work. Now is an excellent opportunity for you to involve team members in the creation of new business plans and processes, after all they will know first hand what works and what needs to be changed. The personal objectives and targets that fall out of these collaborative activities will be particularly relevant and inspiring.

If you want more information of how you can derive the profound benefits of implementing an appraisal like no other, contact me now

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