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Take the leap.

You may have the very best people,

you may offer the finest product or service

but, if you don’t know the right steps,

you may never make the giant leap

that makes your business really fly.

Welcome to Steps for Growth.

Are you thinking about making changes to your business

Perhaps you want to increase your profits or improve your customers' experience?

My name is Linda Saleh and I’d like to help by working with you to achieve the improvements you want right now. 


Maybe you have some ideas on what needs to change but need a plan to make it all happen? Talk your ideas over with me, I’ll ask the wider questions and guide you towards implementing the right changes in the right way.

I'll make sure these changes will stick and that your team stay motivated as we introduce the simple steps that enable you to make spectacular leaps.

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Even the best business can’t make the leap without taking the right steps.

If you think I may be able to help, email me at and let’s see what we can achieve together.


Ready to grow?

We’ll help you make that leap.

Follow these steps to grow your business

Organisational Development.

Using a range of scientific models and techniques to explore the ‘total system’ of your business.

Organisational Design.

Laying out the steps to be taken to move from past to future to improve business performance, profit, productivity and reduce risk.

Organisational Behaviours and Culture.

Looking at leadership, management practices, individual skills and motivation and the climate in each work unit.

Business Coaching/


Encouraging leaders to build their expertise and personal resilience so they can implement what is best for their company.

About Linda Saleh.

I’ve been studying Organisational Development since the mid 1980’s at what’s now known as the Alliance Manchester Business School (it was UMIST back then!) and I’m still learning now. It’s a very diverse field incorporating elements of behavioural science and management theory to understand and improve the performance of an organisation.

I aim to de-mystify it all for my clients and although I do conduct research, collect data and use a range of methodologies, my Steps for Growth are practical and systematic whilst taking account of the unique needs of the people in the client organisation.

With experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors including providers of professional services, logistics and distribution companies, creatives and manufacturers, I'm now working with small companies (up to 50 people) to

solve productivity problems, unlock toxic relationships, and adapt to external pressures. 


Whether its in Baby Steps, Big Steps or Giant Leaps, the end result is a measurable improvement in individual and organisational effectiveness.

Outside of work I love to dance and also to teach dancing. It makes my day when a person who first said ‘I can’t do this’, has some fun and later grins and says ‘I CAN do this’!

About Linda

Latest News.

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Contact Us


For further information on what I do, or how I could help your company, please contact me via the form below, or email me at I look forward to working with you!

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